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Corona-Norco Unified School District uses the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test 2 (NNAT2) in an effort to identify potential gifted students early and prevent referral biases the NNAT2 is a non-reading test of cognitive processing skills. As with all standardized intelligence assessments, it tests general mental ability, which is primarily correlated with success in school. The search process provides an equal opportunity for all students to be considered for the GATE Program. Annual testing is conducted for students in grades two through six. This assessment is 30 minutes in length. The questions can be described as having visual-spatial demands, as well as requiring sequencing, remembering information that has been obtained, and solving problems that require reasoning. These are not separate abilities, rather, separate demands of the test questions.

GATEQualifying Procedures

How is a student identified for the GATE program?

Students are assessed in three areas:

  1. Ability - What is their potential?

  2. Achievement - What is their performance?

  3. Characteristic Behaviors - What personality and character traits do they have that match them to gifted students?

The Abilities Assessments

Students take the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT2). Students scoring at the 97thpercentile or higher are automatically GATE identified. Students who score over 90thpercentile may also be considered for GATE placement (see Achievement Assessments and Characteristic Behavior Scale processes below).

The Achievement Assessments

All students in the Corona-Norco Unified School District take the California Standards Test (CST). Points are scored toward GATE placement when student’s scaled score is above 375on either the English Language Arts or Mathematics section.

Characteristic Behavior Scales

The third part of the GATE identification process is in examining student’s characteristic behaviors. Classroom teachers are asked to complete a Characteristic Behavior Scale on each candidate scoring above the 90th percentile. This information, coupled with special considerations for children with learning disabilities, English language development, and economic disadvantages, creates a profile on the candidate.

Scores from each of these three assessments are compiled and eligibility is determined according to the GATE Identification Procedure form.

When is the test administered?

The GATE test is administered one time per year (2nd-6thgraders) usually after parent/teacher conferences in December or January. The results do not return to the district until late April. Schools and parents receive notification of qualification by early May.

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